Thrift Store Finds

A few weeks ago I was out thrift store shopping when I came across some goodies for my craft space. The first is a Bird House wall rack that needs some TLC, but will fit nicely into a Robin's Nest! The second is a pair of hands and some old wooden spools. I really don't know what I am going to do with the hands, but I will think of something eventually! The third is an old cassette tape holder which works well for my ink pads and stores them correctly with the ink side down and the other rack works great for my markers and stores them correctly!


Sarah said...

You are my kind of shopper! That shelf is so cute and has a lot of potential...and who can't use another pair of hands? That cassette holder is perfect for your ink pads and sure beats plastic! Super finds!!

Linda said...

What great finds! I love the hands...I have one that holds some old thread spools that were made into ornaments. And I just found that exact spice rack that I had planned to use for my markers too. I'm just waiting to give it a coat of paint. Great thrifters think alike! Thanks for visiting my blog...come back again soon!

KardKrazy said...

Oh, that shelf has infinite possibilites. Please share what you did with it!