Happy Holidays

I hope each and everyone of you has a wonderful Holiday Season! Thanks for your blog friendship and for stopping by my nest!

Take Care - Robin


Vintage Santa Snowflake

I just happened to find a bag of those sparkle/glitter snowflakes at my local thrift store and I just couldn't pass them up. I altered several of them a few years ago and really enjoyed it. This time I wanted to try something different, so I altered it and then put it on a fabric collage. I took the bright gold snowflake and sprayed it with walnut ink to give it some age and then lightly sprayed it with some silver glimmer mist. I also used beeswax on the vintage santa image to give it an even more aged look. Well one down and several more to go, luckily I'm starting early enough this year that I should be able to get them done in time.....I hope! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my nest.

 Take Care - Robin



This post is not art related, but since the Department of Health and Human Services designated September as National Yoga Month, I wanted to share with you a yoga DVD that I found to be life changing.  I have NOT been compensated in any way, this is just my personal opinion, but this DVD has literally made working out something I truly enjoy and look forward to.  The DVD is strongbonesyoga and it is amazing.  Please check it out if you are interested.  Have a wonderful day, and thanks so much for stopping by my nest!

Take Care - Robin


Heart Pendants

I created these two heart pendants out of some china that I recently found at a flea market.  I've been having so much fun soldering and creating with broken china.  Thanks for stopping by my nest and I hope you have a great day!

Take Care - Robin


Broken China Workshop

After viewing the wonderful videos in Shari's workshop, I got up enough courage to try my hand at soldering some broken china.  As a relative newbie to soldering, it was a bit intimidating, but Shari is there to answer any questions you have.  These are my first pieces and they are far from perfect, but they are a start nonetheless.  If you want to expand your soldering basics and incorporate broken china, I highly recommend the workshop! Thanks for stopping by my nest and have a great day!

Take Care - Robin


Broken China Workshop Giveaway

Check out this awesome workshop giveaway that Shari at Plays with Paper is having.  I signed up for the class and can't wait to get started!  Here is the link to her Etsy shop where you can sign up for the class if you're not feeling lucky :)  Thanks for stopping by my nest and have a great day.

Take Care - Robin


Altered Spoon

This is an altered spoon that I did recently.  The hardest part of the project was flattening the spoon!  These are really fun to do, and I'll be on the lookout for more old silverware on my next junk outing.  Hope you are having a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by my nest.

Take Care - Robin


Gift in the Mail

This beautifully wrapped gift package came in the mail from Marie of Lost Bird Studio.  If you haven't been to her blog, you simply must stop by for a visit to see her fabulous creations.  She is one of the MANY sweet and talented ladies I have met here in Blogland.  She recently had a giveaway on her blog, and even though I didn't win, she wanted to send me something anyway....how sweet is that!!  Isn't the bag just beautiful, with that gorgeous flower on it!  And if you like fabric as much as I do, you can never have enough lace.  Thanks so much sweet Marie!!

 Thanks so much for stopping by my nest and have a great day!

 Take Care - Robin


Old Hardware Company Tags

On a recent trip to First Monday in Canton, Texas, I picked up some old shipping tags that came from a  hardware store that no longer exists.  I scanned them and thought you might enjoy using them in your artwork.  They are for personal use only and not to be sold as part of a digital collage sheet. 

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by my nest.

Take Care - Robin


Jean Pockets

I had some old blue jeans that had seen their better days, so rather than throwing them away I decided to recycle parts of them.  I couldn't resist doing a fabric collage on these pockets.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  Thanks for stopping by my nest!

Take Care - Robin


ABC's Fabric Book

One of the online art groups I belong to (Paper Digital Art and Images) has an Alphabet challenge posted. Whereby we are to create pieces of art in any medium we choose representing each of the different letters of the alphabet. For this month we were to do A,B, and C. I decided to do fabric collages that will eventually be put into a fabric book. I chose Angel for A, Birds for B and Chocolate for C.

Fabric Collage In Blue

A smaller fabric collage created for a sweet friend using some fabric scraps. Thanks for stopping by my nest and have a great day.

Take Care - Robin


Altered Purse

This purse was a thrift store find that I thought needed a little jazzing up.

So I got out my doilies, old jewelry, trim and some fabri-tac glue and in no time I had this transformed purse.

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by my nest and have a great day!

Take Care - Robin