KC Willis Retreat

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I recently had the opportunity to attend a retreat taught by KC Willis, and I must say it was amazing! Although I had taken her online Collage Camp class, I was so glad I attended the retreat because I learned so much more.  KC is an outstanding teacher and makes everyone in the class feel very special.  She gives you personal attention and tips and tricks that you can use in creating your fabric collages.  This is one of the pieces I created during the retreat.  The image is a freebie from Elizabeth at the Last Door Down the Hall Blog.  If you want to attend a KC Willis Retreat, you must do so before the end of this year, as this is her last year of teaching.  You can find the schedule of her retreats at KC Willis Studio Retreats.  Thanks for stopping by my nest and have a great day!

Take Care - Robin


Kasia said...

The retreat was worth it! This is lovely! And I looked at the place you were in, it is beautiful!

Have a wonderful day!

Heavens2Betsy said...

Thank you for popping by! I tried to leave a comment on this earlier but I don't know where it went. It is gorgeous and sumptuous. Penny

Dorthe said...

Hi Robin-
Oh would I have wished to be there-- I enjoyed so much KC`s classes, too- and it would have been a dream- meeting her in real,life.
I love your collage, so filled with those heavy textured fabric pieces-it is very beautiful-

QueenBe said...

Well rats, my hopes are dashed for ever attending one of her classes. I had no idea she was giving it up after this year. It sounds like a great workshop, and anyone I have read about taking it, just loved it. Your collage is another one that is outstanding!!

ScrappyPam said...

So glad you had a good time! Your collage is beautiful - I just love all the texture!

Sarah said...

Can't wait to hear all about it. I love the image you used for this college as well as the combination of fabrics and embellishments. Gorgeous!!!

Elizabeth Golden said...

Oh Robin this is wonderful! So very charming. I love your fabric choice. It has such rich texture. How lucky to be able to go to this retreat. I can tell you had fun. Thank you so much for sharing.

She Uses Her Words said...

I'm so happy for you that you were able to attend one of her retreats! It must have been amazing!
Thank you for sharing!
xo, Karen

suziqu's thread works said...

Robin, To my eyes this is one of your best collages - the way you have coordinated the beautiful heavy fabrics and laces. There will be no stopping you now! Gorgeous!

sonya said...

Hi Robin, Your collage is beautiful. I love the rich textures of your fabrics you used. And I love the image too. I have never taken any of KC's classes but have purchased her DVD's and they are very good. I would love to take one of her classes! Thank you for sharing your amazing collage.

Jules said...

Robin - I was disappointed when KC told me you would be at the second retreat weekend - I was hoping to meet you. Your collage is awesome! Wasn't the mansion something else! I actually slept downstairs in the livingroom. I have been inundated since I returned home, but hope to blog in the next couple of days about my collage weekend with lots of pictures! You have definitely got the collage artist golden touch!

Susan said...

Simply gorgeous! Lucky you to be able to go to the retreat. I considered it but was to expensive for me at this time. Can't wait to see what more you create.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Robin,
beautiful collage - love all the texture!!!Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
Have a great week.

Jillayne said...

Lucky you and smart you - you created a beautiful piece and now have some wonderful memories of your own. SOunds like it was fabulous!

Charlene said...

Hi Robin! Your finished piece is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! And KC is not going to teach any more???? Why???

I am so glad that Jan put us in touch with each other. Your blog is beautiful. I can't wait to read more & get to know you better. HUGS!

Lynn Stevens said...

Its darling Robin and I agree Girls just want to have fun! LOL
It must have been such a treat to attend her class!
hugs Lynn

Anonymous said...

Robin, how beautiful. And how very lucky that you were actually able to attend in person!
Hugs, Diane

Chris said...

What a fabulous collage, Robin. Love the rich colours and textures.

You are lucky being able to attend a workshop with KC, something I'll never be able to do living in the UK.

stampdiva said...

Hi Robin
What a fantastic retreat to participate in.
An astonishing piece of artwork from you.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Ann said...

so gorgeous! the fabric choices are wonderful! came by from Elizabeth's blog...I downloaded this image and haven't used it yet..not sure if what I create will be as beautiful as this!!

Plush Possum Studio said...

You have a lovely place here! I'll be sure to visit often.

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

wow! your piece is amazing!!
It sounds like you really learned a lot from K.C. willis.
You didn't mention, but I'm sure you had a lot of fun with the other students, too.
AND, I can't help but wonder about your roommate....did you get stuck with, well, anyone odd??

Jann said...

Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous, Robin!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is another stunning collage Robin. I always love the warm colors you use, and gorgeous embellishments. Your retreat sounds like a wonderful time! :)

Linda R. said...

WOW!! This is absolutely amazing.. Boy does that sound like a wonderful Retreat.. How cool..

Hgus, Linda

kathy mc said...