Bloggers Gone Mad

Sorry about the duplicate posting.  The original post was completely gone, so I re-posted.....only to have the original one now appear again!  What the ?????

Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by my nest!

Take Care - Robin


PetraB said...

A good weekend to you too! Petra. x

Sarah said...

Tell me about it...I went to comment on you post and it was gone...poof! Now all of the duplicate posts have come through on blogger reader. What a mess!
Congrats on the cool winnings.

Rhonda said...

Same thing happened to me. Yesterday it was gone and viola it appeared after I re-posted.

Love your blog!

Gaby Bee said...

I think a Blogger glitch. I had similar problems in the last two days:(
Congratulations on your fabulous winnings, Robin! Lucky you!!!

Have a lovely week my friend!